Series Card

I think that my opinion of ABZÛ can easily be summed up by the commentary during my Let’s Play; “Woah!“, “Jesus Christ!“, “Awesome.

ABZÛ is the first game from the Santa Monica based studio, Giant Squid. It makes use of the artists behind Journey, which resulted in the most beautiful game that I have ever played.

The game follows a nameless, sexless, voiceless diver, with seemingly no motivation but to explore the depths below. Although there is a story, that is not the thing that draws you in. Although it is a video game, the gameplay is not what you come for. You come for the visuals, the environment, the epic seascapes.





The game costs $20 (I bought it the day it came out, at $15) on Steam, and only takes about 2 hours to complete. If you compare the two, it seems like your getting ripped off, but I disagree. The experience is well worth the $15 that I paid, and I will probably play it a few more times just to explore and get the most of the world.

Overall, I think that ABZÛ is a game every person should play (or at least watch, considering the experience is mostly visual). It is well worth the money paid for, and I will be on the look out for the next game from Giant Squid.

If you want to watch the series, check out my Let’s Play!