Come In

     G                C             G
Come in, come in I'll do the best I can
                            A7           D
Come in, come in bring your whole bloody clan
G                              C               G
Take it slow and easy and I'll take you by the hand 
D                                   G      C    G
Sit you down I'll treat you decent, I'm an Irishman

     G                                       C                   G
I've traveled East, I've traveled West, I've roamed from town to town 
                                        A7        D
I've cut the harvest down in Clare, met people of renown 
      G                               C              G
Where ever I went the welcome mat was always waiting me'
   D                                 G        C       G 
So fill your glass along with us and sing old Ireland free


     G                                 C              G
When I am gone some other place and my memories going dim 
                                       A7                D
Raise your glass and join the toast, invite the colleens in
     G                                  C               G
Then think about the good old times and you'll remember me 
     D                                       G      C       G
When good old songs were roaring out and the porter flowing free