Diplomacy Game #2

Austria - Emperor Fitzpatrick & Prime Minister Howe Britain - Admiral Rabinovich France - President Lacek & Field Marshal Obaid Germany - Emperor Meyer & Chancellor Spokas Italy - King Hofer and Doge Meng Russia - Emperor Chakraborty & Advisor Mesich Turkey - Sultan Winnie & Grand Vizier Hudyma Day 1 Day 1 saw the creation of several alliances. Germany … Continue reading Diplomacy Game #2


Diplomacy Game #1

30 January 2017 began the first Diplomacy Board Game in the Pittsburgh Sci-Tech activity. Teams consisted of two people, with all but two groups containing one player who knew how to play, and one who didn't. Two groups (Italy and France) did not have any experienced players to begin with. The activity is held every Monday … Continue reading Diplomacy Game #1