/bə’fəlz/ noun, 1. opinionated, 2. J.Crew enthusiast, 3. History/Philosophy student, 4. worldbuilder.

Hello everybody, my name is Daniel Meyer and this is my website. I am a writer of high-fantasy (The Realm of Kaizen) and a student of History and Philosophy at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


One of my fondest hobbies is writing. I have always been writing, although as of 2012 I have begun to write fantasy. It all began with the IFSM, which would eventually be abandoned in 2015. However, since I have gone through many different projects inspired by the groundwork laid by the IFSM.

The current project that I am working on is called The Realm of Kaizen. The project is currently closed to public view, although I go through a weekly series where I attempt to catalogue updates on the Kaizen Database. If you desire any additional information on the project, please feel free to email me.

Additionally, I do a lot of writing on my personal research into Philosophy and History. Essays completed for personal projects and college work may be posted here.


Below is a list of social media accounts I am occasionally active on. The best way to contact me is through email, I will try to respond within a day.


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