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Kaizen’s Log #3 (1 Jan 2018)

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel P. Meyer and welcome to the third edition of Kaizen’s Log. Today is the first day of the new year, and snow has been blanketing us here in Pittsburgh since last week. I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season, and that we enter this new year better than we entered last.

I want to preface this week by saying I have done nearly no work on the Realm of Kaizen this week (although this is nothing new). I began working on a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, which I have wanted to run for a while now. I will share this and what little work I did complete in this week’s summary.

Summary of week

There were a few minor edits made this week to several pages in the Realm of Kaizen database, although none were notable enough to describe here. Aside from that, most other work done must be kept secret.

I began planning the novelization of The Realm of Kaizen, to be set in the year 1351 AR. It will specifically follow the children of King Eadward Callahagan as a large conflict spreads across Agar’s Claw. My current working title for the first volume is The Birth of Autumn.

Iron to Ash

IRON TO ASH is the terribly cliché title of my first Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. I have played D&D with my friend and dungeon master Asher Winnie for several years now, and was approached by several university friends to possibly run a campaign. I decided to create a simple world to place the campaign in, using the races and classes from 5th Edition D&D as a way to fill the world.


Long ago the world was ruled by the dragonborn under the Zoskari Empire. An alliance between the tieflings of Valrai and ogres of Gekrai with the dragonborn allowed the suppression and oppression of the rest of the world.

A thousand years ago a human warrior called Steelscar rose against the dragonborn, and banished them to the volcanic island of Kraculia. Ever since there has been constant war, and recently the ogres of Gekrai have invaded the northern reaches of Abora.

Kraculia Map

I am excited to begin planning the campaign and further fleshing out the world, although I am also afraid it will likely take much time away from my work on the Realm of Kaizen. However, I remain determined to do my best.


I am sorry again for the lack of content over the past few weeks, although I have been incredibly busy and hope that you understand. I also hope that the little bit of work on a new project might tide you over for a while.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Realm of Kaizen and all of my other projects, I hope you will revisit next week. I also hope that you will have a great year, and I wish you a Happy New Year as well. Please leave any comments or suggestions below, or feel free to tweet (@Bufflez) or email ( me.


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