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Kaizen’s Log #2 (25 Dec 2017)

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel P. Meyer and welcome to the second edition of Kaizen’s Log. Today is Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, and that you take this time to celebrate not only your own family, but your global family as well.

I wanted to make this a weekly series, and after only one post I have already failed in that regard. However, I have a good (or rather bad) reason for that. I didn’t work on The Realm of Kaizen at all last week. I had hoped that this break would allow me time to work on the project, but along with finishing finals, hanging out with friends, and preparing for Christmas I was completely distracted.

Summary of week

Most of last week was simple housekeeping. A lot of time was spent on the Kingdom of Callahagan; specifically I created the [Kingdom of Callahagan#Houses] page, as well as [Houses of Agar’s Claw]. I also worked on the [Timberman mythology] and the subsequent pages for the nine gods and two primordial gods, adding basic content and reference pictures. I created quite a few arms for the houses of the Shadow Forest, some of which are shown below.

The next week I mostly neglected working on anything. I spent (admittedly) a lot of time playing the A Clash of Kings mod for Mount & Blade: Warband–which I must say is spectacular. However, this caused me to not think about Kaizen at all for half the week. However, inspired by the game, I decided to use my addiction to benefit my worldbuilding.

Drawing on the decent character creator for Mount & Blade: Warband, I decided to try and create some interesting character portraits using video game, which proved far better than using the terrible anime-style RPG Maker portraits I have been using thus far.

I first created portraits for [Eadward Callahagan] and his father, as well as my reference character [Danyel Darkforest] and the meme [Orson Fletchour]. I also made several other characters, adding them to existing pages or–in the case of Sir [Wyatt Maelgwyn]–creating new pages. Some of these pictures are available below to look at.

While this might feel like a lot of work (and at least the last week was somewhat productive) I am not at all satisfied with what I have accomplished for this edition. However, we will improve in the coming weeks hopefully. Finally, we are still awaiting the production of the two portraits (of [Eadward Callahagan] and [Danyel Darkforest]) by Gibslythe. I plan to email her sometime during the first week of January if I do not receive any updates by then.


While I did not make as much progress as I would have liked to over the past two weeks, I did manage to get some worldbuilding in.

As a bit of housekeeping, I may have to retract my promise to produce YouTube content. I spent several hours recording when I first got back, although all of my recordings resulted in an error. This was extremely disheartening, and I may not find time to record more. I did, however, purchase Sony Vegas 14 through the latest Humble Bundle.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Realm of Kaizen, I hope you will revisit next week. I also hope that you will have a merry Christmas–or a happy Hanukkah if that’s your thing. Please leave any comments or suggestions below, or feel free to tweet (@Bufflez) or email ( me.


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