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Kaizen’s Log #1 (11 Dec 2017)

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel P. Meyer and this is the first edition of Kaizen’s Log. In this (hopefully) weekly series, I will attempt to document the progress made on The Realm of Kaizen, a worldbuilding project that I have been working on since the start of this year.

The primary purpose of creating this series is to fill this website with content–as I have neglected to since purchasing the domain several years ago. Additionally, until the publishing of the Kaizen Database or any full length stories set in Kaizen, these posts will serve as a place to direct individuals who seek information.

Summary of week

This week may not have been the best week to start a series like this. I am currently finishing up my first semester in college, and this week has left me exhausted with finals. Despite this, I still managed to find time between studying to write some.

The focus of this week has been on the lords of the Shadow Forest–with a focus on House Callahagan and their dynasty. I worked on writing detailed biographies of Callahagan kings while also moving down the Kaizen Spreadsheet. I began the week working on the article of “Brian Callahagan IV,” although I did not make much progress. Most of my time was spend thinking about plot-lines for a novel and adding basic content to other articles.

I am awaiting the production of two commissioned art pieces from Gibslythe. I really enjoy her pieces, and am looking forward to receiving them (she said they might take until January). My goal for this next week is to focus on developing the lords of the Yellow Meadows. Additionally, I continue to be irked by mistakes with the map which I strongly desire to fix.


I really do hope to produce much more content during the upcoming Winter Break. I will have likely few obligations, and aside from (hopefully) creating additional video content for the YouTube channel, I should likely have a lot of free time.

Thank you for taking interest in the Realm of Kaizen, I hope you will revisit next week. For questions about the story or anything else, please email:

Daniel P. Meyer
Creator of the Realm of Kaizen

Follow on Twitter: @bufflez


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