Daniel Meyer \’dan-jʊl mī(ə)r\ noun

Howdy, my name is Daniel Meyer. You can call me Dan, though. I am a writer of high-fantasy (The Realm of Sudhära and BAON) and a student of History and Philosophy at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a self-proclaimed enthusiast and am highly interested (and possess amateur skill) in graphic design, photography, style consulting, psychology and religion, videography, voice acting, sound design, and music.

Pittsburgh Sunset (September 2018)
Pittsburgh Sunset (September 2018)


The second son of William Meyer and Kathleen McLaughlin, Daniel Patrick Meyer was born at 11:55 PM on 21 April 1999, approximately nine hours after his identical twin brother Maxwell James Meyer. Daniel is the youngest member of his household, having two sisters in addition to his older brother: Emily Hutchings, born 27 December 1992, and Janell Meyer, born 29 January 1988.

Throughout my childhood I moved throughout the Pittsburgh region several times; I spent time living in Glenshaw, Swisshelm Park, and Oakwood. My parents divorced in 2004. While living in Glenshaw, I attended the Saint Bonaventure Catholic School and Church, where I was baptized. After the death of my grandfather Robert McLaughlin in 2009, my family and I moved into the city of Pittsburgh, renting a home in Swisshelm Park. During this time I attended Pittsburgh Minadeo for a short time, before going to the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy (“Sci-Tech”) in 2010. I moved along with my family to Oakwood in 2012, and began attending Saint Philip Church in Crafton. Here, I was confirmed in the name of Saint Patrick. I graduated from high school on 11 Jun 2017 and began attending Duquesne University on 21 Aug 2017 with a major in History and minor in Philosophy.

Duquesne University (October 2018)

Despite being raised and ultimately confirmed in the Catholic Church, I have long been interested in syncretism. For most of my life I considered myself either an atheist or agnostic (to varying degrees at different times). When I was fifteen, I began reading several religious texts to discover what would help me overcome anxiety: the Dhammapada and several teachings of the Pāli Canon (the lectures of Alan Watts were particularly enlightening), the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, rereading The Bible (supplemented by Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Biblical Lecture Series), et cetera. I currently classify myself as a secular Buddhist (occasionally as Christian-Buddhist or Theravada Buddhist) influenced by the works of psychoanalysis.


The majority of my free time is spent writing, which I consider my most significant hobby. I began really writing fantasy when I was thirteen years old (The IFSM). Much of the groundwork laid by the IFSM is visible throughout my later projects. This project would evolve into The Realm of Kaizen (which would be renamed The Realm of Sudhära in August 2018), which is a epic and detailed high fantasy worldbuilding project. Additionally, the I write a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in a custom world—The Realm of BAON.

I do a lot of writing on my personal research into Philosophy and History. Essays completed for personal projects and university work may be posted here.


Below is a list of social media accounts I am occasionally active on. The best way to contact me is through email, I will try to respond within a day.