Hello! My name is Daniel Meyer – but you can just call me Dan. I am a fantasy writer and an undergraduate student of History at Duquesne University, with a minor in English and Philosophy. I also have a broad interest in different subjects, including cartography, graphic design, photography, fashion, psychology, religion, video editing, voice acting, sound design, and music.

I graduated from the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy (a STEM intensive secondary magnet school located in Oakland) with STEM Honors and a focus on computer science in June 2017 and began attending Duquesne University with a major in History and a minor in Philosophy in August of the same year. I would later add a second minor in English during my Sophomore year.

Many of the courses that I attended would prove to be informative and central to expanding a historical and philosophical vision. Some of my most useful courses were on subjects like Religion and Global Conflict, particularly in Africa; Western Civilization, which fostered a love for European history; Epistemology; History of Japan, and an additional course on East Asian Civilizations; Logic; Leadership Communication; Writing History, which taught me invaluable historical research skills; Friedrich Nietzsche, a course whose professor would prove to be a great influence on me; and Bronze Age Greece, which provided a unique introduction to archaeological based history in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Duquesne University in October 2018


Most of my time is spent writing. I was thirteen years old when I began a collaborative worldbuilding endeavor amongst my friends, in which I created my first fantastical setting known as the IFSM (standing for the nonsensical “Imperial Federation of the Sovereign Monarchy”). This project captivated my desire to craft a shared mythology among my friends, a goal which was later capitalized on when developing a setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. After a series of abandoned settings, I began work on the Realm of Kaizen, which would evolve into Sudhära, the setting for my Mythgate series. In addition to Sudhära I am constantly adding to BAON, a more whimsical fantasy setting for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.


Although I make an attempt to use social media as little as possible, I’m weak and ofttimes vain. Below is a list of my social media accounts, listed in order of activity. The best way to contact me is through email. I will try to respond to any inquiries within a day.